How We Can #BeatPlasticPollution


Writing this article for LiveAboard recently has been a great reminder that we have the answers to solve plastic pollution and there are some innovative ideas showing us the way towards a cleaner and healthier

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Maldives: Mantas and More…


Featured on Scubaverse: The Maldives is an iconic dive destination, thanks to its white sand beaches, coral reef diving in warm waters, and abundance of whale sharks and manta rays. Consisting of 26 atolls dotted

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Shark Week 2018 TV Schedule


Featured on Scubadivermag: Shark Week 2018 is on the way! The 30th anniversary of this hugely popular event is set to include some of the top shark dive destinations around the world. Find out more

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Beginners Guide to Snorkeling


Snorkeling is very under-appreciated and yet is a great way to introduce people to the ocean, and to spend time with marine life without the hassle and work of scuba diving. There are also some

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Drift Diving Essentials


Ulong Channel in Palau is not for the faint-hearted. The pace of this dive is tremendous and takes divers into a channel to enjoy one of the world’s best drift dives. The channel entrance is

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Wall Diving Essentials


What is Wall Diving? Wall diving involves diving alongside the edges of coral reefs, or reef walls, and other vertical underwater terrains. Reef walls can vary in size from just a few meters on part

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Technical Diving Essentials


Technical diving developed from a form of cave diving and typically involves dives that are beyond 40 meters (131 feet) deep or extend in an enclosed environment beyond 40 meters from the entry point. It involves

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Top Reef Safe Sunscreens


Following on from my earlier article about Hawaii banning the sale of sunscreens that damage corals, I have been researching reef-safe/natural sunscreens to try. There are a variety of brands to choose from, some of

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Muck Diving Essentials


Have you tried muck diving yet? Whilst the name doesn't sound appealing it's a unique type of diving gaining popularity around the globe. Why go muck diving? It is a great type of diving for

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Featured on Deeper Blue: Did you know marine iguanas are the world’s only marine lizard and are found at the Galapagos Islands? Marine iguanas have a small range and are listed as vulnerable to extinction


Hawaii Bans Sale of Sunscreens that Harm Coral


Featured on Scubadiverlife: Did you know sunscreens containing oxybenzone have a toxic effect at a concentration equivalent to just one drop in six-and-a-half Olympic-size swimming pools?   Oxybenzone and octinoxate (both common ingredients in sunscreen)

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Top Tips for Managing Dive Vertigo


Featured on Scuba Diver Life: Dive vertigo is an extremely unpleasant sensation. What’s the best way to avoid it or manage it if vertigo strikes when you’re underwater? Find out more about my top tips

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Best Places To Dive In May


Featured in Scubadivermag:   Have you checked out the best places to dive in May? There are some fantastic dive destinations to visit at this time of year and it is one of the best

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Top 5 Biodiverse Scuba Diving Destinations


Feature in Sport Diver:   Happy International Biological Diversity Day! Let's keep protecting the biodiversity hotspots of the world and the premier dive sites they contain for generations to come.

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Top Tips for Night Diving


Featured on Scubadivermag: Night diving is an entirely different experience to diving during the day and offers the chance to witness night-time marine life and unique behaviours. Descending into the water as the sun goes down

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Top Technical Diving Destinations


Featured on DIVE UK: Technical diving has become increasingly popular in recent years and is a great option for divers who not only want to go deeper, but also want to learn advanced dive skills.

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Scuba Diving The Seychelles


Featured on SportDiver: Who wants to go diving in the Seychelles? There are 115 islands to explore, cloud forests, coral and granite-based reefs and an abundance of beautiful dive sites. Check out for their

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The Best Scuba Diving in Djibouti


Featured on Scubadiverlife: Scuba diving in Djibouti is a well kept secret and yet it has incredible whale shark experiences and pristines reefs to explore. Find out more:

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Top 5 Belize Dives


Featured on Dive In:   Scuba diving in Belize is synonymous with the Blue Hole dive and yet Belize also has dramatic walls, drop-offs, diverse marine life and healthy coral reefs to explore. There are

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Wreck Diving Essentials


Featured on LiveAboard:   The site of Abu Nuhas in Egypt is known at the Ships Graveyard and is a submerged reef famous for its wrecks; the Giannis D, Chrisoula K, Kimon M and Rosalie Moller.

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Wall Diving Essentials


Featured on LiveAboard: Wall diving is exhilarating and there is nothing quite like hovering at the edge of a wall and watching the vast inky depths of the ocean below. It offers the opportunity to

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