Dive Articles Now Live on Brasil Mergulho


Featured on Brasil Mergulho: I have been contributing regularly to Brasil Mergulho this year as part of my work in foreign languages. You can check out my articles here: http://www.brasilmergulho.com/author/kathryn-curzon/ Enjoy!

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Top Tauchsafaris für Tauchbeginner


Unterwasser.de: Tauchen zu lernen ist wahnsinnig aufregend und fast jeder Taucher erinnert sich noch an seine ersten Atemzüge unter Wasser sowie an den allerersten Tauchplatz. Es gibt unzählige, großartige Tauchurlaubsziele für frisch zertifizierte Taucher –

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Is Shark Cage Diving Good For The Ocean?


Featured on DIVE.in: Shark cage diving continues to gain popularity each year as liveaboards become more affordable and events such as Shark Week highlight opportunities to dive with sharks around the globe. It isn’t without

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Scuba Diving With Whales in Mexico


Featured on Sportdiver: It's the start of whale watching season in Mexico, so a lot of my recent work with media outlets has been focussed on these ocean giants. Mexico is incredible for large pelagics

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Dive Micronesia


Featured in DIVE Magazine UK: Micronesia is made up of more than 2,000 islands and is one of the top places in the world for wreck diving, especially amongst World War II wrecks. There are

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It’s Shark Season!


Featured on Scubaverse: The Guadalupe shark diving season is upon us and there are a variety of awesome liveaboards that visit this destination. There is something for all budgets, a wheelchair-friendly liveaboard, and even safaris

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Top Dive Sites of Gau Island, Fiji


Featured on Sportdiver: Fiji is home to a great variety of dive sites, especially at Gau Island. The Nigali Passage near Gau is a well-known dive site and understandably so, for the sheer volume of pelagic

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Scuba Diving at Coiba National Park


Featured on Scuba Diver Life: Coiba, a rainforest-draped island off the Panama coast, is home to white-sand beaches and waters teeming with marine life. This island was a prison for some of Panama’s most notorious

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The Role of Shark Diving in Conservation


Featured on DeeperBlue: Whilst some people have concerns that baited shark dives can impact natural shark behaviors, shark diving can be done responsibly with minimal impacts on the sharks. It is also a valuable yet

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World’s Top 20 Shark Dives


It's Shark Week! I'm honoured to be kicking off the celebrations on Scuba Diver Life with my article World's Top 20 Shark Dives. "Shark Week 2018 is upon us. And to honor our favorite apex

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Diving With Pint-Sized Whales


Featured on Scubadivermag: The Great Barrier Reef, Australia is the only place in the world where you can swim with dwarf minke whales and the whale expeditions there have had a 98% success rate of finding

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Top Reasons To Try Charter Diving


Featured on LiveAboard: A liveaboard trip is an ideal way to get to know some new scuba buddies and explore world class dive sites together. Sometimes though, you don’t want to be diving with people

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5 Great Shark Dives for Novice Divers


Featured on DeeperBlue: July is all about sharks, with Shark Week returning on 22nd July, Shark Awareness Day, and the popular SharkCon event starting on 14th July. It’s a great time of year for divers to immerse

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Best Scuba Diving In The Seychelles Islands


Featured on Scuba Diver Life: The Seychelles has a secret....You can only reach the Sister Islands of Grande Soeur (Big Sister) and Petite Soeur (Little Sister)  by boat. They are small, privately-owned islands with pristine dive sites. Sailing to

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6 Great Indonesia Dive Sites to Explore


Featured on Scubadivermag: Over 13,000 islands, 3000 species of fish and around 600 species of coral are three great reasons to visit Indonesia. With diverse dive sites and liveaboard options, there is an Indonesian adventure

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Top 5 South Pacific Dive Destinations


Featured on Scuba Diver Life: The Pacific Ocean reaches staggering depths of over 30,000 feet (10,000-plus m) and is home to between 20,000 and 30,000 islands. Boasting Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia, the South Pacific is

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