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Kathryn Curzon author


In this touching and heart-warming story, readers discover simple ways to help a friend struggling with depression and grief.

With giant furry Pat as their guide, they go on a magical winter adventure in a forest, and discover a real, and very sad, Thing.

Deciding to take him home, Pat lets Thing’s sadness in, accepts it, and loves it until he heals.

  • Contains blank pages for children to illustrate their story
  • Reader’s Favourite 5 Star-Rated Book

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Kathryn Curzon author

No Damage

No Damage is an inspiring and uplifting look at one woman’s journey to survive two runaway grooms whilst coping with the loss of her career and more.

Kathryn’s optimistic tale of hope, adventure travel and an unexpected stint in a South African prison explores how, as a single 30-something woman with just one suitcase and a head full of emotional baggage, she conquered her fears to pursue her passions.

This memoir is both a hilarious true story of the power of positive thinking and a self help guide to overcoming loss, following you heart and creating the life you want.

  • Award-winning travel memoir

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