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Arctic Adventures with Orcas


As a regular writer for Forest and Bird magazine I couldn't resist sharing my adventures with orcas aboard the wonderful Sula liveaboard. Whilst we have a resident population of orcas here in New Zealand, it's

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Daintree Delights


Walking in the Daintree Rainforest, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d stepped back in time to millions of years ago. It covers about 1200km2 of hilly terrain that makes up the northeast coast of Queensland.

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EZ Dive Marine Reserves


Marine reserves are vital to the health of the global ocean and yet only around 5 percent of the ocean is currently protected! Thankfully, new protected areas are being created each year and offer great

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Orcas Ahead!


In my latest article for Scuba Diving magazine I share my experiences snorkelling with orcas in the depths of the Arctic winter with the Sula liveaboard. http://Scuba Diving US magazine: Orcas Ahead This was a

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Mako sharks have fascinated divers and shark fans for many years. But having recently been listed as endangered, will we still be able to dive with them in years to come?  And more importantly, what

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NEW – French Articles


As I continue my development as a content writer I have been providing French articles for a variety of news, dive and travel outlets this year. Zesea.com ~ Diving and Fitness You can read about

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NEW – Fine Ocean Art Prints


It's been a busy time for me as I've launched my first limited edition fine art prints collection! The original artworks were lovingly created by me using just one colour pen per artwork. Over 50

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5 Great May Dive Destinations


Are you looking for a new dive destination this May? It is one of the best months for calm conditions, making May ideal for novice divers and those who suffer from sea sickness. Fans of

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8 Great Reasons to try Liveaboard Diving


Featured on Scubaverse: Liveaboard diving opens up a whole new world of adventures. It offers the chance to explore remote destinations and uncrowded dive sites, plus enjoy the benefits of a personalised service and more

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5 Great Places to Dive with Sea Turtles


Featured on Scubadivermag: Sea turtles are amazing creatures, found around the world in tropical and subtropical waters. They play a vital role in marine ecosystem health and have been in the ocean for more than

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Top 5 Night Dives


Featured on DIVE Magazine UK: Night diving is a special treat – you enter a secret world and the beam of your torch reveals strange and wonderful behaviour. The reef is a very different place

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4 Great December Dive Destinations


Featured on Scuba Diver Life: December is an ideal month to go diving somewhere exotic and leave winter far behind. There’s unique marine life on offer around the world, plus big pelagic diving and plenty

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