Ocean Love with ‘Go to Girl’ Natalie Cutler-Welsh

“In this episode of the Impact Entrepreneur series, I’m chatting with shark diver (yes I said shark diver), ocean education advocate, author & go-to PR person for the dive travel industry, Kathryn Curzon.   We’re chatting about the importance of loving our oceans, why there is reason for concern and some proactive things we can do to have a positive impact.”


5 Ways to Spot Burn Out Before it Bites You in the Ass


burnout podcast

“Burn out.  It’s the unsung hero of many an entrepreneur’s downfall….and that ain’t a good thing!

Burn out is the secret enemy, that emerges when our need and desire to ‘do it all’ or ‘be perfect’ is taking center stage.

Burn out is something that entrepreneurs in particular need to start paying more attention to, otherwise it will literally come up and bite you in the ass.”

Interview With Random Lucidity

I was interviewed about my memoir No Damage by Dave Adair; blogger and author of Random Lucidity. We had a fantastic time talking about the writing process, inspiration, travel and future book plans.

Is Kindness Overrated?

In this guest post for Anita’s Haven, I answer the question ‘Is Kindness Overrated?’

‘One of the first people I met in the Books Go Social Facebook group was the lovely optimist Kathryn Hodgson, author of No Damage and a daring shark conservationist. During her travels, she has definitely seen kindness in action quite a few times. Here is what she says about it….’

Create the Life you Want!

Enjoy my interview with The Writers’ Lens about inspiration, writing whilst travelling, and following your passions to create the life you want.

Do you Have any Odd Writing Habits?

Read my interview with Tasha’s Thinkings to find out my one odd writing habit…