As I continue my development as a content writer I have been providing French articles for a variety of news, dive and travel outlets this year. ~ Diving and Fitness

You can read about my top tips for developing and maintaining dive fitness in my recent article for (just click the title above).

This upcoming French blog is one of the ‘blogs to watch’ in 2019 and has an ever-growing following around the world. ~ Micronesia’s Best Wrecks

Micronesia is paradise for divers with its thriving reefs, impressive drop offs and world-class wreck dives.

Find out more in my article for

Lepetitplongeur ~ 4 Unmissable Dive Destinations for 2019

In my article for I discuss four of my top dive destinations for 2019 including:

  • A hidden gem in Western Australia
  • ‘Walls of sharks’ in idyllic French Polynesia

L’Express ~ 100 Million Tonnes of Plastic in the Oceans

The deepest dive ever conducted in a submarine has revealed plastic waste at Challenger Deep; the deepest point of the oceans, located in the Marianas Trench in the Pacific Ocean.

It was only the third time the deepest point of the ocean has been explored.

Find out more in my article for L’Express.

L’Express ~ The World’s Best Coral Reefs to Dive

There are some incredible unspoilt coral reefs to dive around the world. Discover them whilst you can, in my second article for L’Express. ~ Reasons to Dive the Coral Triangle in 2019

Coral Triangle Day was celebrated in June; raising awareness of the world’s greatest area of marine biodiversity.

Covering an area of about 6 million square kilometers, the coral triangle extends throughout Southeast Asia and is home to more than 75% of the world’s corals, as well as more than 6,000 species of fish.

It forms the underwater equivalent of the Amazon rainforest, offering unparalleled diving sites, spectacular islands and many opportunities for snorkelling.

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