It’s been a busy time for me as I’ve launched my first limited edition fine art prints collection!

The original artworks were lovingly created by me using just one colour pen per artwork.

shark art
Over 50 hours of dot-work went into creating this whale shark

Look closely and you’ll see each piece of artwork is made entirely of tiny dots. The whale shark took over 50 hours of dot-work to complete!

whale shark art

To order a print please contact me.

ocean art

The prints are NZ $55 plus P&P

  • These A3 size prints are on gorgeous eco archival paper
  • All packaging is entirely compostable and/or recyclable
  • A percentage of sales is being donated to Ghost Fishing NZ
ocean artwork

The GFNZ team is made up entirely of volunteers; working hard to clean up the waters around New Zealand by removing ghost fishing gear and other trash.

They also work with councils for better waste management practices, plus organised regular public beach and dive site clean ups.

In short, they’re creating cleaner seas for all.

It’s a pleasure to be able to support their work and I hope you will too.

Looking for an art or design commission?

I work with marine conservation charities and travel companies to produce artwork for merchandise and resort/commercial spaces.

Please contact me to discuss your art or design needs.