Shark Attacks: How to Protect Yourself

Featured in the International Business Times:

I really enjoyed this interview and article with the International Business Times and It was a great opportunity to gain some positive media coverage for sharks, explore the International Shark Attack File data, and share some of my knowledge from working with sharks.

‘Thank Jaws for a generation of people genuinely terrified of entering a body of water. Ask anyone, even if they’ve never seen the film before, and they’ll tell you it’s a story of a bloodthirsty shark who seeks out human prey – that’s how impactful it’s been in popular culture and, more importantly, establishing how we see sharks today.

Our reliance on film portrayals of them has meant that as a whole, we do not actually know very much about sharks. As a result, our connotations of violence could be completely unfair.

Kathryn Curzon is a diver and writer for, a website to book cruises, and a trained scuba diving instructor and great white shark safari guide. She spoke to IBTimes UK and set the record straight…’