Deepavali Colour


The skies may be dark with thunder and the streets covered in deep puddles of rain, but the atmosphere today in Kuala Lumpur has been one of colour and light. As the city prepares for

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Nesting in Kuala Lumpur


After a long and noodle soup-fuelled three days of flights I have made it from Fiji to Kuala Lumpur (via Melbourne, Auckland, Hong Kong and Singapore). I lost sight of which airport was which during

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Bula from Fiji!


It has been a busy and exciting three weeks for me, as I have been working with Nicholas alongside the staff and volunteers at Projects Abroad shark conservation project in Viti Levu, Fiji. I had

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Writerly Wednesdays


What's not to love about a blog that promises Monster Mondays, Tips Tuesdays, Writerly Wednesdays, Thinky Thursdays, Fan Fridays, book review and more?! Welcome to the world of Tasha's Thinkings! Tasha Duncan-Drake is an author

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Diving the Poor Knights


I had no idea the marine life of New Zealand could be so diverse and colourful until I saw these photographs from Nicholas's recent day of diving the Poor Knights marine reserve. They left me

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To the top of New Zealand


We made it to the top of New Zealand! After almost six months of travel in our Wendekreisen Travel Ltd campervan and 66 shark conservation events we reached the very top of the North Island.

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West Coast Wanderings


Back online after a busy and fun-filled few weeks traveling the West Coast and Northland of New Zealand whilst providing our Friends for Sharks conservation events. It was wonderful exploring the rugged scenery of surf

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Memoir Reviews


I have been featured on Jackie Parry's blog with a review of my memoir No Damage. Jackie is a hero in my mind and someone that inspires me a great deal. She has sailed around

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Highs, Lows and Campervan Laughter


I have been featured in with my article Highs, Lows and Campervan Laughter. I hope you enjoy this insight into our six month tour of New Zealand with Wendekreisen Travel Ltd.  

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Poms Away!


I have been featured in 'Poms Away! A British Immigrant's View of New Zealand' this week, with a guest blog post. Read on to find out what it is about living in New Zealand that

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Vitamin Rest


I have something to admit....and I really really guilty saying this...but...I am tired and have lost my enthusiasm. There I have said it! I have admitted that I am traveling around the world and no

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Little Local Library


Whilst out walking at Lower Hutt, Wellington recently I came upon this community library on Hill Road. Isn’t it fantastic?! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw these two fridges and the sign ‘Little

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I have been travelling through Marlborough Sounds, Kaikoura and Hanmer Springs in New Zealand this past week in our cosy campervan and I couldn't resist sharing this tree fern stump we found alongside the Queen


Meet…my first novel!


It is difficult finding time (and mains power!) to write whilst travelling the world in a VERY small campervan and completing a 10-month world charity tour with my other major love, Friends for Sharks.  I

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Free book promo ending soon


It’s the last chance to download a FREE copy of No Damage - Offer ends 11th May. Don't miss this inspiring and uplifting read. ‘The stuff Hollywood films are made of!’ 'Incredible read: searingly honest,

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No Damage is FREE!


Download your copy of this inspiring, uplifting memoir during 8th - 11th May 2015 free of charge and enjoy! (Available on ALL Amazon websites) 'So you know how it is when you finish

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Is Kindness Overrated?


'Is kindness overrated? Anita's Haven hot topic considered by Kathryn Hodgson, who escaped some sharks and now protects the deep water kind.' I hope you enjoy my latest guest blog post:

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One lucky paperback copy of No Damage is officially on tour! First stop England, next stop Holland and beyond... Remember those chain letters of the 90s that promised doom, gloom and disaster if you didn’t

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Thoughts on marriage


As I lay in bed this morning I began thinking about marriage, love and more specifically…weddings. Even the word ‘wedding’ makes me wince slightly because it is an instant topic of conversation as soon as

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Author Interview


I was recently interview about my memoir No Damage by Dave Adair; blogger and author of Random Lucidity. We had a fantastic time talking about the writing process, inspiration, travel and future book plans. Be

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Lessons in Failure


There is great success in every failure, as life has shown me recently with my first book signing event. ~   I was excited about my book signing at The Travel Bug in Vancouver and

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Author Book Signing Event, Vancouver


AUTHOR BOOK SIGNING EVENT       Kathryn is co-founder of the marine conservation cause Friends for Sharks, blogger and author of No Damage: An adventure in courage, survival and the pursuit of dreams.  

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Conversations with Authors


I was recently interviewed by Alison Thompson from The Proof Fairy. The Proof Fairy helps people to write and publish their books with specially designed packages and services that take the idea for a book

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